About Us


We have Nurses, Counselors, Teachers and Mentors experienced in social work that care about you! We take walk-ins or we can come to you and provide resources. We provide whatever you may need to take care of your babies, infants and toddlers. 

Our caring Team of volunteers are here for you. Confidential, Non-Judgemental help 24/7. You do not have to face life’s struggles alone.

Where we started

      Our founder worked as an RN in Labor and Delivery for 15 years. She watched many lives enter this world. She also worked helping pregnant moms and newborns in their homes. After several years she realized that families needed more help than she could offer within the scope of her work. She started this ministry in the trunk of her car, offering families extra diapers, formula and clothing donated by other moms and community agencies for families in crisis. She then began working with volunteers to provide these families with rides and extra life coaching in their homes. She helped moms get into drug rehabs, helped with schooling, temporary housing, job searching and tasks of everyday life.

      She and her team became strong advocates for families in 2012, helping in reunification cases with the state. In 2014 we fully facilitated our first private open adoption. Now we are helping couples who cannot conceive children naturally, adopt at NO CHARGE. In 2016 we teamed up with a local law firm and continues working with private, open adoptions. It was clear that the time had come to turn this God-given calling into a mission with open doors. On Nov 21, 2017 Yourothermother became incorporated as a Non-profit in Missouri. We are a 100% pro-life, Christian organization governed by an active Board of Directors.  

Meet The Board

Jamie Pataky

 Executive Director 

Registered Nurse with 18 years experience working with pregnant moms and babies. Teaches parenting classes and is dedicated to loving families through tough situations. Nurse Jamie has many resources for families and is a pro-life adoption advocate. 

Jennifer Phelps


Jennifer grew up in Union and is a local girl. She cares deeply about her community because her whole family is from here. Jennifer has a degree in Business management and currently works as a billing manager She brings an extra measure of common sense and business experience to the group. 

Crystal Malin 


Crystal is a dedicated mother with a passion to help mothers be their best! She is a licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant and has training in education. She is a voice of reason and is able to help give insight to women in transition. She strives to make a difference in the community. She has a heart of compassion and a strong sense of healthy boundaries in ministry. She works dilligently to raise awareness and funding for the work we do here at YOUROTHERMOTHER. 

Mariah Pataky


Mariah works as an occupational therapy assistant and understands the many needs of families with special needs and obstacles. She was raised in a family that served people all of her life. As the youngest member of our board, she brings the mind of a millenium. Helping us figure out how to best reach this generation at such a time as this. 

Amber Jacquin

Vice-President Secretary

Amber is a local hair stylist who is known for her extra special spark of creativity and loving kindness. She joined the original board by invitation and was eager to help. She believes that all life is beautiful and is quick to take a stand for life and also for her faith. She leads by example in our community. She has a big heart and is always willing to lend a helping hand. 


We are actively recruiting more members for our Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving with us please email Board President @ yourothermother1121@gmail.com. We would like to have at least 7 total members and up to as many as 11.